Change Logs

Version 2.0.0 Change Log


Version 1.3.x will be maintained for bug fixes and dependency upgrades. It is recommended for all users to upgrade to v2.x.

Some changes in v2.x will break backwards compatbility with v1.3.x. These changes are listed below. If any of these changes affect your workflow, please post a GitHub Issue or contact the support list.



  • Removed the RequestDatasetCollection object in favor of request dataset or field sequences.


  • Changed default coordinate system to Spherical from WGS84. See Default Coordinate System for guidance on OpenClimateGIS coordinate systems.
  • All collection variables are subset by shared dimensions (i.e. anything sharing a spatial dimension). Use the predicate argument to RequestDataset to include/exclude variables.
  • Removed unique dimension identifers (TID, LID, etc.) from tabular outputs. Unique geometry identifiers are maintained for foreign key file relationships.
  • Changed default unique identifier for no geometry from 1 to None.
  • Removed headers argument from operations. The tabular structure has been streamlined in v2.x by removing extraneous identifier variables.
  • Removed global unique identifier as a default property of all variable objects. Dataset geometry identifers are now unique within a subset operation.
  • Removed check for data (the coordinate masking is still evaluated for empty subsets) masking following a subset to avoid loading all data from file to retrieve the mask.
  • Changed logging output directory to a nested logs directory inside output directory when add_auxiliary_files is True.
  • Changed masked values in tabular formats to None from the numeric fill value.
  • Changed search_radius_mult default to None. Point subsetting will now use the point geometry for intersects operations. Point geometries are no longer buffered by default.
  • Removed UGRID conversion. Use ugrid-tools to convert to ESMF Unstructured Format.


  • Removed Inspect object. Use the inspect() method.