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Anaconda Package

An Anaconda package is available through conda-forge.

Using the Package Manager

Installation with all optional dependencies:

conda install -c conda-forge -c nesii ocgis esmpy mpi4py cf_units rtree icclim nose

Installation without optional dependencies:

conda install -c conda-forge ocgis

Alternatively, NESII provides linux-64 and osx-64 builds for both OpenClimateGIS, ESMPy, and ICCLIM:

conda install -c nesii -c conda-forge ocgis esmpy icclim

Using an Environment File

An Anaconda environment file installing all OpenClimateGIS dependencies is available in the repository root.

cd <OpenClimateGIS source directory>
conda env create -f environment.yml

Building from Source

  1. Download the current release using the OpenClimateGIS Download Form.
  2. Extract the file using your favorite extraction utility.
  3. Navigate into extracted directory.
  4. Run the command:
[sudo] python install

Testing the Installation

It is recommended that a simple suite of tests are run to verify the new installation. Testing requires the Python nose library ( and mock (included by default with Python 3+):

[sudo] pip install nose mock
    # OR
conda install nose mock

Run tests:

python -c "from ocgis.test import run_simple; run_simple(verbose=False)"

Optional dependencies may also be tested. If an optional dependency is not installed, a test failure will occur:

python -c "from ocgis.test import run_simple; run_simple(attrs=['simple', 'optional'], verbose=False)"

Tests may also be ran with a setup command:

python test

Please report any errors to the support email address.

Configuring the GeomCabinet

Set the path to the directory containing the shapefiles or shapefile folders using env.DIR_GEOMCABINET. You may also set the system environment variable OCGIS_DIR_GEOMCABINET.

Supported Python Versions

Python versions 2.7, 3.5, and 3.6 are tested and supported. Versions 2.7 or 3.6 are recommended. Python 3.5 demonstrates undefined behavior with parallel operations using mpi4py.


OpenClimateGIS is tested against the library versions listed below.


Optional dependencies are listed below. OpenClimateGIS will still operate without these libraries installed but functionality and performance may change.

Package Name Version URL Usage
ESMF 7.1.0r Supports regridding operations.
mpi4py 3.0.0 Required for parallel execution.
rtree 0.8.3 Constructs spatial indexes at runtime. Useful for complicated GIS operations (i.e. large or complex polygons for subsetting)
cf_units 1.2.0 Allows unit transformations.
icclim 4.2.10 Calculation of the full suite of European Climate Assessment (ECA) indices with optimized code implementation.
nose 1.3.7 Run unit tests.
mock 2.0.0 Run unit tests.

Building from Source

Dependencies may be built entirely from source. An (outdated) bash script is available on GitHub.


The uninstall command will simply provide you with the directory location of the OpenClimateGIS package. This must be manually removed.

python uninstall